About Us

Founded in 2013, Shaunak R. Dalal realized his desire, to transform the way that current Chartered Accountancy is practiced, to providing specialized Services that conformed to his simple yet powerful ethos of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Quality.

Armed with this powerful ethos, SRD & Co. aims to provide full-fledged specialized Services under three domains of the Chartered Accountancy practice, Tax Advisory, Auditing & Assurance and Strategy Consultancy to meet the complex demands of issues faced currently by our Clients.

Positioned in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, our approach is client-centric and result oriented offering the highest level of Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism coupled with our ethos. Further our distinctive structure defines our approach. We maintain a ratio of associates to partners significantly below that of other firms. We focus on matters that require attention, extensive experience and sophistication of our Partners and Consultants; and limit the number and type of cases we undertake. Our system of lock-step compensation promotes a careful selection of cases as well as the flexibility to bring the right expertise to bear without regard to factors extrinsic to providing the best service and advisory. We work together on a task-force basis on all our cases, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across our practice areas. Our structure and approach enables us to achieve excellent results for our clients in complex and critical matters.

The vision of our Firm is to continuously provide specialized services and expertise at the highest levels under the domain of our practice areas.